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Best Pals Daytime Classes 2017 Award Winners

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Silver and Gold Awards - May/June 2017

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold certificates were awarded to the following people in 2017. Most of the dogs started on the Puppy Course and worked their way through the classes achieving their Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver Awards along the way. Huge congratulations to them for their hard work and commitment.

Peter and Dolly – Springer Spaniel

Jill and Milo – Cavalier KC Spaniel
Jim and Heidi – Weimaraner
Roz and Really – Border Collie

Ann and Binky – Tibetan Terrier
Conrad and Raglan - Labrador
Deena and Coco – Working Cocker
Doreen and Milo – Shih Tzu
Janice and Ginny – Labrador
Rob and Pippin - Labrador
Sarah and Hugo – Labrador
Stacey and Belle – Golden Retriever

Scentwork UK Level 1 and 2 Trials - May 2017

Many congratulations to the following dogs and owners who acheived their Scentwork UK Level 1 Award. It requires great patience and dedication to teach the dog the skill of searching for a scent and the ability to read the dog when they find it.

Level 1
1st - Nikki and Peppa - Labrador
2nd - Sharon and Buddy - Golden Retriever
3rd - Peter and Dolly - Springer Spaniel
4th - Deb and Belle - Chihuahua X

Level 2
1st - Heather and Timmy - Lancashire Heeler
2nd - Anne and Ozzie - Springer Spaniel
3rd - Sheila and Zak - Boxer
4th - Lynne and Kaiser - German Shepherd

Well done to all my Award winners - I am very proud of you!
Karen :)