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Scent Pals nosework detection classes for pet dogs

Karen is an approved trainer, trials manager and judge for Scentwork UK.

What is scent work?

Scent work is teaching the dog to find a target odour or a particular scent. Police dogs are taught to work with their handler to 'sniff out' various odours such as drugs, cash, firearms and explosives. Dogs' noses are used in many ways to help us detect odours such as gas leaks, termites, contraband items through customs, endangered or dangerous wildlife, even bedbugs! Search and Rescue dogs detect human odour when they seek people out, helping humans to save lives. Medical detection dogs can detect oncoming seizures and diabetic comas, thereby improving the quality of life of their owners.

We will be teaching our pet dogs to do what police sniffer dogs do but with friendly odours! They will identify an odour amongst boxes, luggage, tables and chairs in the hall and amongst a variety of items outside. We will also teach them to search the outside of a vehicle.

We will work within the Scentwork UK guidelines taking part in the Trials starting at Level 1 whereupon a certificate will be awarded for those who get a successful indication of the target odour.

Karen has taught classes at Best Pals for 15 years with many people working towards and successfully achieving the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards in Bronze, Silver and Gold. Many have returned with second and third dogs. Apart from teaching companion dogs in the Kennel Club Awards, she is also a certified Pets as Therapy dog assessor and visitor and retired Blue Cross educational speaker. In addition to scent work, Karen also enjoys tracking with her dog.

Karen's dog Zelda with her Level 7 Award:

Scentwork classes are held on Fridays at Bournheath Village Hall, B61 9LA. These are held at different times depending on which Level the dog is working towards. Please contact Karen on 07968 413 543, or email karen@bestpals.co.uk if you are interested in joining a class.