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At Best Pals, classes are friendly, fun, relaxed and informative. Members work at their own pace and without any pressure alongside trainer Karen Denton and assistant Zoe Ashman. We are aiming towards owning a well-mannered pet and an understanding of how our dogs learn, so that the bond between owner and dog becomes firmly established and enjoyable. Hopefully, our members will gain good advice, greater knowledge and a well-rounded, well-socialised dog from attending the classes. We don't train your dog for you, but train our members on how to get the best from your Best Pal.

We use a clicker as a learning tool to help our dogs understand what we are asking of them. Once they understand why they are being clicked, they will try hard to achieve their reward, which is usually a food treat. There are no harsh methods used and, as a result, both dog and owner will be relaxed about learning. We only take 10 pups in the puppy classes and between 10 and 12 dogs in the other classes so that we all have plenty of space to work and the dogs don't feel overcrowded.